DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD and DualDisc Mastering

Digital Flex Media has the most advanced mastering technology in the industry and possesses an increased production capacity. This enables us to fulfill your order quickly and efficiently.

DVD Mastering / CD Mastering is a process that transfers customer's data into a stamper, which is ready for CD-ROM and or DVD and or HD replication. The master from the customer that contains the digital information in the form of a DLT, DVDR/DVD, CDR/CD, USB Hard Drive or image DDP/ HD is verified, formatted and loaded by the Quality Control Department. Using a Laser Beam Recording machine (LBR), the Mastering Department transfers the digital information onto the glass master that has been coated with photo resist. After being developed and activated, the glass is transferred to an electro-forming bath to grow the stamper. The finished stamper is sent to the Injection Molding Department to replicate in the injection molding machine.

Alpha ProtectionAlpha Audio Protection
In order to protect original DVD, music and Rom CDs files from illegal downloading or sharing on the Internet in MP3 or WMA file format, many music industries have been releasing their new music album after applying Alpha Copy Protection technology. This Alpha-Audio tech can assure strong copy protection level and also can be applied for the following cases. Educational industry is growing rapidly, and many educational institutions and others are providing more educational CDs than ever before. It is critical to protect their own valuable education contents from being copied and distributed to potential customers for obvious reasons.

ROVI Copy Block CopyBlock DVD anti-Piracy
Digital Flex Media
proud to offer the Affordable, dual protection that can increase your DVD sales CopyBlock. Rovi's CopyBlock™ is the key to achieving a high level of DVD protection with minimal effort and cost. Added only at replication, CopyBlock offers highly effective double protection - at a very affordable price. With the ability to deter the top two piracy methods used by casual home copiers - ripping to a PC and CopyBlock delivers rip deterrence (thwarting freeware ripper programs) and anti-copy technology (copying via the analog "out" port in CE devices) based on Rovi's industry-leading technologies. CopyBlock is tested on hundreds of DVD players in multiple independent test labs to help ensure playability and high quality.

Still not convinced that CopyBlock is for you? Here are a few more reasons why now is the time to consider Rovi's protection solutions:

  • Casual DVD piracy - home copying - is mainstream. Illegal ripping programs are available on the Internet for free.
  • CSS protection mandated for DVDs has long been compromised by free ripper programs. Numerous popular and free ripping programs can easily circumvent CSS. Added protection is needed to frustrate casual theft.
  • Casual DVD pirates may try a few methods to copy, but most are non-technical and won't spend more than 30 minutes trying to copy. Simply put, when frustrated from copying or ripping a DVD, more than two thirds say that they'll usually buy the DVD.


Plug the analog hole, prevent unauthorized recording of video content to DVD recorders, hard drive recorders, and media center PCs. The analog hole is the result of consumers making high-quality copies of original DVD content from the analog outputs of their DVD player, DVD recorder, or PC. No computer is involved, and all that is needed is a single, simple video cable and the press of a button. The video quality of the resulting DVD copy is hard to distinguish from the original, and the copy is a digital disc or recording that can be shared on the internet in seconds. The combination of ACP and RipGuard DVD is the world's first complete analog and digital DVD protection solution.

RipGuard DVD:

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Secure File Distribution

As a Fully-Licensed and Accredited Embedding manufacturing Facility, we have the ability to secure your CD & DVD Content with the latest Technology available, from the worldwide industry leader in video copy protection. In addition to RipGuard, we also provide Watermark,Pin Play, Patronus , Alpha Audio, CSS, Analog ACP, CopyBlock and RipGurad copy protection. Each year, studios lose up to one billion dollars through digital theft. We created RipGuard DVD to help you get most of it back.



Alpha Audio Protction

Alpha Audio Solution



Plug the digital hole, reduce ripping, prevent rental model cannibalization of DVD retail (rent, rip, return), and stem the flow. The goal in creating RipGuard DVD was to give studios back the majority of this lost revenue, quarter-over-quarter. RipGuard DVD does this by blocking ripping among the majority of real-world DeCSS ripper market share. Implemented today, RipGuard DVD gives studios back 97% of this lost revenue. Macrovision's planned evolution and Unique Digital Framework design ensures that RipGuard DVD will continue to address this majority ripper market share over time.

RipGuard DVD works on every current DVD drive and player in the market and is THX™ Verified ensuring the audio and video quality of the original digital content. There is simply no consumer penalty to protecting your DVD content with RipGuard DVD, and no reason not to act today to protect your DVD business.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete DVD Protection
  • RipGuard Stops Ripping
  • RipGuard Works on Today's DVD Players and PCs
  • RipGuard is Workflow-Friendly

HD Protection:

AACS (Advance Access Content System) designed to create unprecedented flexibility, portability and robust Security for entertainment content to be enjoyed on networked home, portable PC or CE devices. AACS delivers new consumer interactivity, portability and feature enhancement after purchase on a scale like no other consumer digital entertainment system can around the globe.

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