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“Digital Flex Media" is a manufacturer that delivers outstanding customer service, replies with quick price quotes, meets tight deadlines, and exceeds expectations every time!”

If you don’t want to be lost as just another number for some large corporation, come work with Digital Flex Media. We treat each of our clients as our only client, while offering a one-stop solution for your CD, DVD-5, 9 & 10 and Flex-DVD replication needs. Our investment in the latest technology makes Digital Flex Media an innovative manufacturer, while our investment in customer service makes us a superb manufacturing partner that you can trust.

So whether you need CD replication, DVD replication, Flex-DVD replication, Anti-Piracy Disc Protection or other CD DVD duplication services, Digital flex media will provide you with the highest quality manufacturing and customer service.

We’re committed to providing Quality Service, Excellent Products, and 100% Customer Satisfaction. Contact Digital flex media for more information using our Quick Quote feature or call us toll-free: (800) 268-1256.

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Featured Product

Flex Media Mailer

Featured Mailer

Digital Flex Media is pleased to announce The Flex Media Mailer, a newly designed packaging solution approved by the USPS to be mailed out as an automated letter.

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